Equipping Leaders | Building Capacity
Accelerating the Gospel

We exist to bridge leadership gaps and expand the capacity of Christian leaders throughout the MENA by providing the tools that are essential to the expansion and acceleration of the Gospel.

A Glance at 2021's Impact

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2021's Impact
Equipping Leaders | Building Capacity

Thank you for investing in the leaders of the Greater Middle East! Because of your generosity, in 2021 MLC provided 12 key courses for 297 key leaders with the participation of 20 professional instructors. And we partnered with 83 different leading ministries in 24 different nations within the Middle East and North Africa and beyond Thank you so much for all who prayed, gave, and participated! You too can impact the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, and Turkey by supporting a leader to participate in one of our many capacity building and leadership courses. Each course costs our participants $2100. Our goal in 2022 is to train at least 300 leaders from across the MENA. When you support a leader, you are making a significant investment in the future of Christian ministry in the MENA region. For more information or to sponsor a leader, click the button bellow. All contributions are tax deductible in the U.S.
Thank you!

Programs Designed for Leaders Like You

As a leader in the MENA region, you know first hand that God is on the move. New leaders and organizations are being birthed daily. Established leaders and organizations are continually challenged to remain relevant and have a high impact for Christ. Whether you are leading an established organization or pioneering a new work in the region, the MENA Leadership Center has a certificate program with targeted courses in leadership and organizational development that will help take you to a new level. 

Why Enroll at the MENA Leadership Center?

Equipping leaders for greater impact

Every leader wants to have a great impact. This is why the MENA Leadership Center focuses intentionally on areas of need by filling professional and educational gaps that ultimately equip leaders for greater impact in their area of influence.  

Aligning leaders faith and values

Despite the many demands leaders face, it is not uncommon for priorities to become misaligned in the pursuit of "doing" the work of the ministry. Our certificate programs integrate and align our Christ centered faith and values to help leader lead in excellence.

Empowering organizational capacity

We are committed to helping leaders build strong, healthy, and sustainable organizations. We equip leaders to create and implement the right systems and structures that can help their organizations grow and thrive for generations to come.

Solving challenges with innovation

Ministry in the MENA region is one of the most challenging environments in the world. Problems from social, cultural, and religious sectors arise on a daily basis and leaders need the tools to successfully maneuver through the challenges. The MENA Leadership Center is dedicated to providing leaders with most innovative, and technologically advanced tools to for greater impact.

Meeting practical needs for leaders and their organizations

After 6 years of research and looking at more than 120 organization throughout the Greater Middle East, the MENA Leadership Center was created to meet the real needs and challenges that were expressed by regional leaders. Each program will provide leaders with a practical plan that can be implemented to assist organizations as they scale for growth.

Flexible programs: online & hybrid

Leaders can choose between two course formats: 100% online or an online-onsite hybrid program. This provides the greatest opportunity to learn while leading, not requiring leaders to take extended time away from their daily responsibilities. Our courses are taught by experienced subject matter experts who draw from their own successes to help you.