Mission and Vision

Our Mission

MLC’s mission is to bridge leadership gaps and expand the capacity of Christian leaders throughout the MENA by providing the tools that are essential to the expansion and acceleration of the Gospel.

Simply stated: We exist to expand & accelerate your mission!

Our Vision

Our vision is to see high impact strategic Christian leaders and organizations led by leaders of faith, vision, character, and purpose who are committed to transforming and impacting their region for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

The MENA Leadership Center is driven by five core values. 

  1. Faith: We believe that great leadership is modeled through an integrated, faith-driven, character focused life. 
  2. Strategy: We believe that strategic leadership leads to impact, innovation, and Gospel acceleration.
  3. People: We believe in building relationships, showing honor and engaging in collaboration.
  4. Excellence: We believe in providing professional, practical and scalable learning solutions in excellence.
  5. Growth: We believe in the investment of the spiritual, professional, and personal growth of God’s leaders.