Advanced Religious Freedom
This is a comprehensive course on the international law of religious freedom, a country-specific in-depth look at laws, cases, current state-of-play, and possible action items to assist. The course also includes brainstorming sessions, and case studies with hands on input from trainees with real-life scenarios. Take this course if you want to be trained to know what freedom of religion of belief is, how it is treated in your country and/or region, what the government, courts, and society typically do when rights are violated, how to assert rights locally, regionally, and internationally, and how to get help with your specific situation. This course is interactive, and trainees are expected to actively participate in each session.

1. Participants will gain access to a 400-page manual with comprehensive overview of laws, cases, application of the law, strategic approaches, ways to fight back locally, regionally, and internationally.
2. Participants will understand how to advocate for religious freedom
3. Participants will understand how to assert rights locally
4. Participants will be able to identify resources to get help.

  • Instructor: Dr. Sandra Livingstone
  • Wednesday @ 6:00 Cairo Time
  • 19 Jan.2022 - 23 Feb. 2022
  • Registration Opens: 1-Nov
  • Registration Closes: 4-Jan
  • Language: Arabic and English
  • Synchronous Online
  • Canvas LMS
  • Designed for: Ministry, Business, and NGO Leaders