Introduction to Digital Church
The Introduction to Digital Church Course is a two and a half day training that provides a high level view of the five functions of a healthy digital church. Led by an instruction team of practitioners from the region, participants will engage in discussion and practice exercises to help them understand the needs and best practices of a healthy digital church.

1. Participants will gain a theological framework for why the digital church exist.
2. Participants willl study organizations who have started a DC and experienced high impact.
3. Participants will have a comprehensive understanding of how a digital church should function and if their ministry is ready to launch a digital church.

  • Instructor: Justin Murff & a Team from the MENA
  • Full Day Training
  • 8 Nov. -10 Nov. 2022
  • Registration Opens: 1-Nov
  • Registration Closes: 4-Jan
  • Language: Arabic and English
  • In person
  • Cario Egypt
  • Designed for: Ministry Leaders