Understanding and Ministering to Refugees 2022
With more than 82 million people forced to flee their homes by violence and humanitarian disasters, the need for the Church to engage in ministry with refugees, asylum seekers, and other forcibly displaced people has never been greater. This course will help Christian leaders understand the complex needs and challenges faced by refugees and consider how to engage in a way that is sustainable, ethical, faithful to Christian belief and practice, and truly helpful in their own unique context.

1: Students will be able to summarize the core challenges faced by forcibly displaced people in different phases of displacement.
2: Students will be able to explain from the Bible why God cares about forcibly displaced people and give examples of displaced people in the Scriptures.
3: Students will be able to assess the needs and opportunities in their own context and identify starting or growth points for refugee ministry.
4: Students will identify an honorable and faithfully Christian approach to refugee ministry that builds bridges of cooperation with other groups working in their area.

  • Instructor: Rachel Uthmann
  • Tuesday @ 5:00 Cairo Time
  • 18 Jan. 2022 - 8 Mar.2022
  • Registration Opens: 1-Nov
  • Registration Closes: 4-Jan
  • Language: Arabic and English
  • Synchronous Online
  • Canvas LMS
  • Designed for: Ministry and NGO Leaders