Multiplying Organizational Impact
Making decisions and executing a plan are critical to navigating through change in times of uncertainty.
During this course participants will learn: (1) how to make better decisions, (2) how to lead a strategic plan, (3) how to live a strategic life, (4) how to check if your strategy is sound, and (5) how to change complex systems.

1. Participants will gain the tools necessary to effect change within their organization
2. Participants will be able to determine if their strategy is sound.
3. Participants will develop a sound strategy to address complex problems facing their ministry

  • Instructor: Dr. Kevin & co-instructor: Michael El Daba
  • Monday @ 6:00 Cairo Time
  • 12 Sept. 2022 - 17 Oct.2022
  • Registration Opens: 20-Jun
  • Registration Closes: 31-Aug
  • Language:English
  • Synchronous Online
  • Canvas LMS
  • Designed for: English