Writing Proposals in English
This 3 sessions program, delivered in English, aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of funding dynamics in the North American Christian world. Session 1, delves into the fundamentals, roles, and sources of Christian funding, exploring the intricate relationships within the system, including decision-makers and international organizations. Session 2 focuses on navigating proposal and report expectations, emphasizing the importance of research, transparency, and truth-telling in American culture. In our final session, participants will work on crafting compelling stories, emphasizing the power of first-hand testimonies and vivid language. This final session will also include a review, Q&A and final encouragements!

Start & End Date
  • 16 May- 30 May 2024
Day & Time
  • Thursday. 6:00-7:30 PM (Cairo Time)
Number of Sessions
  • 3
  • English Only
Workshop Delivery Mode
  • Online/Live