Building Financial Capacity - Financial Planning
Participants will :

  1. Understanding budgeting.
  2. Know how to do a budget.
  3. Understand cash flow.
  4. Know how to do a cash budget.

Day & Time:

  • September 10 @ 6:00 PM CAIRO
  • September 17 @ 6:00 PM CAIRO

Session Time:

  • 90 minutes

Session Length:

  • 2 weeks

Number of Sessions:

  • 2


  • Arabic

Workshop Delivery Mode: 

  • Synchronous Online

Designed for:

  • Leaders and managers in Christian organizations and churches.
  • Non-financial employees in Christian organizations and churches.
  • Board members of Christian organizations.
  • Entry-level Finance specialists in Christian organization and churches.
  • Odeh Habash, MBA, CFA, CAIA


  • Odeh is an accomplished change agent, with an expertise in mergers and acquisitions, investment management, and financial consulting. He has spent his career developing and managing portfolios in multiple financial institutions around the world. He has earned degrees in economics and finance, is fluent in multiple languages, and for the past two decades has excelled in coaching and training others in these same fields. He is an excellent communicator and eager to assist others across Canada and around the world toward accomplishing their goals personally and institutionally.