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Term 3 - 2023
Reviving Your Journey with God: Tools for the Journey
This course helps us understand what it means to be created in the image of God with a soul to relate, a mind to think and a will to choose and how this impacts the people we service. This course also provides practical tools to help us evaluate our self so we can mature spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically under the guidance of the Word and the Holy Spirit and incorporate this into our journey with God.
Designing the Digital Course
By the end of this course, participants will understand how to transition from in-person courses to online courses for the adult learner. They will be able to define the purpose of the course, develop assessments to validate that learning has taken place, understand how to engage adult learners, and collect feedback to ensure continuous improvement.
Term 4 - 2023
Finding your replacement (Succession Planning)
Eventually, people retire, and workers are no longer expected to stay in the same job forever; thus, protecting mission-critical positions is paramount to organizational success. Implementing succession planning ensures that your organization is prepared to fill vacancies with the right talent; it also ensures that your workforce resources are aligned with the organizational mission. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the underlying principles of succession planning and gain an understanding of how to apply the skill/talent model of succession planning.
Missions: The Sending Church
Participants will gain access to essential tools to stretch their minds about the great commission. They will understand how the church can accomplish its mission and live its calling. Participants will understand the need for the church's integration into society and expansion to the ends of the earth.
Term 2 - 2023
Understanding and Ministering to Refugees
This course will help Christian leaders understand the complex needs and challenges faced by refugees and consider how to engage in a way that is sustainable, ethical, faithful to Christian belief and practice, and truly helpful in their unique context.
2 Psychological First Aid
Emergency Response Session
The Road to Mature Christian Leadership
In this course, we will unpack what it means to be a balanced, emotionally and spiritually, mature leader. Participants will also learn and explore practical ways of applying Jesus-way in their personal lives and their ministry.
Strategic Execution
THIS COURSE IS BY INVITATION ONLY! Strategic thinking is the ability to think on both a big and small scale. Participants will gain an understanding into the decision-making process, their own cognitive biases and how to leverage strategic thinking to increase their decision-making efficacy.
Psychological First Aid
Emergency Response Session
Term 1 - 2023
Coaching for Success
Many leaders fail to coach for different reasons, among which is the lack of the “know-how” of coaching. This course is designed to help leaders understand the barriers they have as leaders, as well as provide them with a simple and structured approach to effective coaching.
Religious Freedom
This is a comprehensive course on the international law of religious freedom, a country-specific in-depth look at laws, cases, the current state of play, and possible action items to assist.
Volunteer Management
In this course participants will gain insight and understanding of volunteer management, beginning with developing the volunteer job description, recruitment, followed by training, the volunteer as well as evaluating their performance and their fit for the role within the organization.
Term 1 - 2022
Advanced Religious Freedom
Participants will learn the best practices concerning international law of religious freedom by looking in-depth at country-specific laws, cases, current state-of-play, and possible action items to assist.
Introduction to Digital Church
This entry level course will provide participants with a general overview on the theological and practical aspects of launching and leading a digital church.
Understanding and Ministering to Refugees 2022
Refugees face many challenges when they flee their homes, and the journey to adapt to a new place is complex. Working in this space requires awareness of these unique dynamics that make this different from many other types of ministry
Term 2 - 2022
Human Capital - I
Finding and keeping the best talent is important to your organization! This course will discuss strategies to attract, retain, and evaluate employees.
Strategic Planning: Planning for Success
What is strategic planning and how does it contribute to organizational success? This course discusses strategic planning and following the strategic plan through to completion.
Term 3 - 2022
Servant Leadership
This course explores the nuances of Servant Leadership by unpacking the tenets and practices of servant leaders. Additionally, participants will gain insight and understanding of themselves as servant leaders and how to best serve those they lead.
Operations Security
In a world where security threats exist, organizations need the tools that effectively address these threats by imploring best practices that will give you the assurance that you can carry out your ministry work safely.
Advanced Fundraising
Participants will learn best practices of fundraising focusing on biblical principles of fundrasing, engaging with donors, cultivating major gifts and examining additional funding opportunities for their ministry.
Strategic Thinking
Participants will gain an understanding into the decision-making process, their own cognitive biases and how to leverage strategic thinking to increase their decision-making efficacy.
Term 4 - 2022
Course Design Strategies
Designing an online course takes planning and consideration. This course helps you walk through the development of an online course to support your ministrys online courses. It will also provide best practices for adult online training in a practical way.
Growing the Digital Church
Participants will learn the best practices of what is needed to grow their digital church through digital engagement and social media-based evangelism.
Multiplying Organizational Impact
This course is for visionary leaders who are discontent with the status quo and want to multiply their organizations impact through better strategy. Buckle up.
Term 5 - 2022
Understanding the Religions of the MENA
There are many non-Christians within the MENA. How do we reach out and disciple them? Gain a more in-depth understanding in this course d
Human Capital for Executives
Evaluating employee performance ensures that employees are successful. This course will expand the knowledge gained in HC I, focusing on employee performance.
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