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Term 5 - 2023
Knowing & Growing: Discovering Your Ministry’s Calling.
In this transformative course, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration to unveil the unique purpose and mission of their small Ministry or Home Church in order for it to grow. Understanding and articulating a clear sense of purpose and mission is essential for guiding a church's direction, inspiring and growing, and positively impacting its community. In addition, participants will get to know what type of struggles ministries are facing and how to get over those struggles. This course is designed for church leaders, pastors, and members seeking to align their ministry with a compelling vision, fostering a sense of unity, and empowering them to fulfill their divine calling.
Unlocking the Power of AI for Arabic Christian Ministries: A Productivity and Mission Fulfillment workshop
Join this exclusive two-week online webinar designed for Arabic Christian ministries seeking to harness the potential of AI. Participants will learn practical tips for leveraging AI applications, including building customized ChatGPT trained on your data. Empower your teams and the people you serve with AI-driven engagement strategies and discover how to create compelling content using AI tools.
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