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Term 3 - 2023
Designing the Digital Course 2023
By the end of this course, participants will understand how to transition from in-person courses to online courses for the adult learner. They will be able to define the purpose of the course, develop assessments to validate that learning has taken place, understand how to engage adult learners, and collect feedback to ensure continuous improvement.
Term 4 - 2023
Building a Digital Church 2023
The digital church offers a way for people to attend worship without having to physically attend. Participants will gain an understanding of the process needed to develop a holistic digital church that fosters community and discipleship. Participants will learn the essentials necessary for starting and growing a virtual church from regional practitioners, technical experts, and theologians.
Finding your replacement (Succession Planning)
Eventually, people retire, and workers are no longer expected to stay in the same job forever; thus, protecting mission-critical positions is paramount to organizational success. Implementing succession planning ensures that your organization is prepared to fill vacancies with the right talent; it also ensures that your workforce resources are aligned with the organizational mission. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the underlying principles of succession planning and gain an understanding of how to apply the skill/talent model of succession planning.
Missions: The Sending Church
Participants will gain access to essential tools to stretch their minds about the great commission. They will understand how the church can accomplish its mission and live its calling. Participants will understand the need for the church's integration into society and expansion to the ends of the earth.
Term 5 - 2023
Business Writing for Next Generation Christian Leaders
More now than ever, ministry work is occurring in a cross-cultural environment. In such a setting, meaning may differ significantly when a writer comes from a culture different from that of the reader, whether the communication is between colleagues or a potential donor. This course will help participants effectively develop a business letter and identify resources to assist them in their communications.
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